Group Rules

Please read the posting guidelines below before you start posting in the Facebook Group.

The primary admin account for the group is please like and follow this page for additional group news and to send the group admin’s direct messages.

Sticking to the posting guidelines will make the group more useful and enjoyable for everyone. Individuals who do not, will be removed from the group. You may or may not get a warning; this is up to the sole discretion of the Group Admins.

This group is separated into two sections; Buy and Sell, and Discussion/Promotion. The buy and sell section is self-explanatory. The Discussion/Promotion can be used to promote businesses or service, useful information, questions and anything else that is either pertinent to life here in Spain or relevant to our members.

Buy and Sell is only one part of this group which allows you all to earn money by selling the goods you no longer have a need for. Do not post items considered illegal/pirated, any posts reported will be removed. Please post the price along with your description. For regular services by the hour, you should indicate a price range, however, more complex work such as custom fitted items, etc. Understandably you won’t be able to give a price until you know what the job entails but, please make this clear.

Business promotion and useful information are considered just as important as buying and selling, as they help provide businesses with necessary exposure while aiding those needing information. Only Clients of Costa Insider, SL can post business posts in the group.

You can bump a post twice in 48 hours of posting it, if you bump it more than this the post may be removed and so might you from the group. If you have sold an item, please mark it as sold, or consider removing it from the group.

Group admins cannot be held responsible for transactions between buyers and sellers and are not responsible, or liable for the opinions of the members of this group. However, we reserve the right to remove any comments that we deem inappropriate or do not follow Facebook Group Rules.

The group name is very well known locally, as well as internationally for people looking for information and services who live in, holiday or are thinking of moving to the area. While the group is more of a community than just a buy and sell group, we feel keeping the name is best and besides Facebook have restrictions on how you can change groups over a certain size.

If someone posts an item or service for sale, do not hijack their post, start your own.

All work from home/job opportunities should state clearly the name of the company; otherwise, your post will be removed.

Do not post other groups or your post will be deleted, and you will be removed from the group.

This group is not a place for “name and shame” you can find plenty of other groups that cater to that, people participating in this kind of activity will be politely removed. Having an opinion about something is fine, but if it degrades to name calling, then it’s already gone too far. A positive vibe makes the area more attractive for people that live here and people thinking of visiting, moving or holidaying here.

The admins reserve the right to remove any post for any reason and place a permanent ban on those who continually use the group for the wrong purposes. Admins do not monitor every post please use the report to admin feature that Facebook provides for anything questionable that you want an admin to look at, but remember to use it wisely because if you keep reporting stuff that you “just don’t like” but is perfectly legal here in Spain and are ok by the rules of Facebook, you will be the one getting removed.

Please also refrain from posting things related to animal cruelty or irresponsible pet owners, we also don’t allow pets for sale posts, we would rather people went to a dedicated pet rehoming group and to give one of these animals a chance to be part of a loving home.

The group rules are subject to change.