Personal User - FAQ

I just want to buy/sell personal items in the group, what’s changing?
Nothing directly is changing, keep buying and selling. You may notice a decrease in promotional messages as businesses are asked to support the group or limit themselves to one post per month.

Can I ask a question about the local area, life in Spain, etc.?
Yes, we welcome community interaction, the group is more than just Buy and Sell.

I have just been to a great restaurant/bar/event in the area, can I recommend it to others in the group?
Yes, but please don’t be a faker. If you own the establishment or are related to the people that own it, then consider one of the business promotional options.

I just found this fantastic stay at home “business” where you can spam FB groups and make money, can I promote this on your group?
No, also read the FAQ for Business Users as you sound confused as to what is a Personal User and what is a Business User of the Group.

I want to name and shame someone that has done me wrong, am I allowed?
No, there is plenty of other groups you can do that kind of thing in.

Who is responsible for things sold in a group?
Both buyers and sellers are responsible for things sold in a Facebook buy and sell group, visit Facebook Help for more information.