Business User - FAQ

Why can’t businesses post in the group?
We want to limit the amount of non-Buy and Sell posts in the group. We run a business, and we offer marketing services for our clients, if your a client you can post business post in the group as your actively helping keep the group free for personal users by allowing us the ability to pay our admin staff to manage the group 7 days a week..

Other groups let Businesses post as much as the like?
Many other groups don’t allow business posts at all, but yes many let you post all the time if you want. None of the other local groups is as big and long established as this group and we want to make it the best buy and sell group so we are limiting the number of businesses posts.

I want several people in my organisation to promote the business/product/service can this be done?
No problem, just register the FB usernames of who will be carrying out your promotions and they will all be counted under the same account for a total number of posts.

We run a local charity, are we considered a Business?
Not exactly, but we think local charities are very worthwhile causes (most them) and so offer you the ability to promote your events etc. for free in the group, we will assign each charity 6 posts per month for free, that will allow you to promote your events, etc. on a weekly basis. We recommend you use it to build up the audience to your own Facebook Page or Group for the Charity as then you will get a more target audience that you can promote events to more often, but it’s up to you. Please Register for free by clicking here.

If I use lots of different accounts to promote my business how are you going to know?
We are scanning the group and identifying people who do this, we will give a warning but for repeat offenders we will just remove you from the group.

I don’t promote my business, just reply to people asking for a trade?
Currently, we are taking the view that we won’t stop anyone from doing this, but you should consider some proactive promotional posts and not just reactive replies. Our clients advertise across a number of our websites, check out what we can do for clients.

I am an Entertainer/Band am I a business?
Yes, however your free to promote additionally any charity events you do

Can I promote my real local job for free?
Yes, we want to see as many local people in “real” jobs, and any business that has staff vacancies to fill locally can post the opportunity weekly for free without impacting on the businesses posts.

Can I promote my “part-time job” opportunity etc.?
Yes, if you’re local to the area and yes if you state clearly the name of the company up front that you’re representing. You can post one promotional message each month for free like everyone else.

Do clients get a Factura each month for my payment?
Yes, Costa Insider SL is an entirely legal company in Spain and we pay all our taxes including IVA. We will issue you a Factura at the end of the month covering the payment made in that month.